Statue of Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang

Crash Course: North Korea 

North Korea: a country so isolated we barely know anything about it. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to visit North Korea as a tourist! Whether you want to make a visit or not, Hanna Petöcz’s article teaches you about various systems and regulations in place in this authoritarian country, as well as information to keep in mind in case you do ever plan a visit.

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Behind the Iron Curtain

“When I was your age”. This is probably the most often used phrase by parents when giving a lecture. We all know that our parents grew up in a different generation, but could the world have been that much of a different place only a few decades ago? For the millions of Europeans that grew up behind the iron curtain, it was.

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Lexicology and other clever words for you to use 

The world of words, their meaning, structure, history, and usage.

Words: fascinating when coming from a friend, boring when being used by a teacher. We all have our own vocabulary, and our own idiosyncrasies when using words, be it using a word too often or mispronouncing the number ‘three’. Whilst most people will never scratch the surface of all the fantabulous and silly words we call ‘advanced’, through this article you will!

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