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The CdE aims to represent students at our school and to initiate projects on behalf of the student constituency. Please see the following links:

CdE Election Video 2019-2020

CdE 2018-2019 End of Year Report

CdE 2018-2019 Semi-Annual Report

CdE 2018-2019 October Report

CdE Program 2018-2019 (New)

CdE Program 2018-2019 (Original)

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CdE Transparency Project

CdE Election Video 2018-2019

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Organization of the European Schools

Powerpoint on the Organization of the European Schools

General Rules of the European Schools

Office of the Secretary-General of the European Schools

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The right to representation of the pupils of the European Schools is enshrined in the Convention defining the Statute of the European Schools (1994) and the General Rules of the European Schools (Article 38). The right of representation of the pupils is embodied in the Pupils’ Committee (henceforth referred to as the PC) in each European School, also called the Comité des Eleves (CdE) in francophone areas. At the European School of Brussels I, the francophone term CdE is used.