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What makes violent men violent?

by Verónica Jara Gómez S4ESB When a woman is sexually assaulted, is her sobriety or clothing responsible for what happened? The “she was asking for it” argument is often used by victim-blamers to deflect the guilt of the offender. But why? Is there any truth behind the claim?    Feeling sexually attracted to someone is…

What is Open-Source Software?

By Eimantas Petraitis In a world driven by technology, we use computer software every day, but we rarely ask ourselves where all that software comes from… As many will know, software is developed by programmers and developers. That is the case for operating systems, applications, video games, etc. For every program, someone has spent their…

How to stop procrastinating and be more productive  

You’ve known about your chemistry test for a week already. Yet here you are, the night before, cursing, because it’s already late, and you should sleep. But up until now, you haven’t managed to get off your phone… The subject is not making any sense at all now, but you don’t want to give up and fail the test!

The painfully common struggle of procrastination: how does one escape it? Find some tips in our latest article…

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Statue of Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang

Crash Course: North Korea 

North Korea: a country so isolated we barely know anything about it. Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to visit North Korea as a tourist! Whether you want to make a visit or not, Hanna Petöcz’s article teaches you about various systems and regulations in place in this authoritarian country, as well as information to keep in mind in case you do ever plan a visit.

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