What are the advantages of living with your family?

By: Sia Shah S3FR

Would you be happier than normal if you stayed near your family? What kind of fun do you miss by living far from your family?

A family is made up by different members you love and care. When you live with your family, you grow up with your cousins, siblings etc. There is so much liveliness and enthusiasm in the house as everyone eats, plays, and laughs together. On the dining table you tell your family members about your day, and you can even share some secrets with them. You might even argue or have a conflict with them but in the end, you always get along!

Your family will protect you in various ways: if an outsider insults you, your friends may not always come and help you, but your family always will. You can share happiness as well as sorrow with your family. Your friends can let you down some day but that time your family comes as a help and rises you back up like a sun. They let you shine as a star and encourage you- to follow your dreams – to never give up. They even have the capability to comfort you when you have had a bad day.

In my opinion, your family know a lot about you: they can make out from your face if you’ve had a good day or not; they know how to cheer you up and to make your life easier. You might get rageous if a member scolds you but always remember that they are doing it for your own good. They are the one who teach you how to fit in society.

In conclusion, you feel comfortable and safe around your family. They always want you to be happy and they want you to succeed without having to struggle. Even in their anger towards you, you can sense the hidden love and worry.