Time to Debate – the Model EU Commission has just kicked off

On the warm afternoon of April 24th, the 4th Edition of EUROmad 2022 for online participants was launched. It contains a total of 9 commissions, 12 schools and about 300 participating students, from the European, Asian and African continents alike. The event will span over a period of 3 days. Vivid debates are expected right from day one, officially on  Monday 25th. 

This year, the organizational team is composed of several co-presidents – namely (for the online events) Sofia Baxter, Emmanuelle Siaka, Sofia Laouenan, Adélaïde Veyrier and Léonard Aranda. Today they warmly welcomed all the delegates and presented this early informal gathering as a way to get to know one another and become more familiar with the rules of procedure.

After a brief presentation of the chairs and commissioners, there was a video explaining the creation of the European Commission and the upcoming challenges. A second video listed the hot issues to be dealt with by each of the 9 commissions. Then the delegates were addressed a supportive message from Marie-Christine Lang, the French General Consul to Madrid. She wished them good luck and encouraged them to give their best to each and every day of the negotiations. 

After this general introduction, the delegates were split according to their respective commissions into different groups, where some informal ‘ice-breaking’ activities took place. In conclusion, this was a very promising start for the 4th edition of EUROmad and all the participants are looking forward to the enriching exchanges to come.


Reporter for EUROmad 2022, April 24, 2022