The Perfect Morning Routine

By Madara Thein, LUX1 S3ENB

Have you ever wondered if there’s a perfect mourning routine? If there is, are you following it? And is it really that great?

Well, there are many morning routines which are good for your health and development, but it all starts with having a good night sleep. Ideally, an adult should sleep around 8 hours every night, so for a teenager, whose brain and body are still developing, 9 hours provides good rest. Assuming one wakes up at 6.30 every morning, 22.00 would be a great time to go to sleep. It has also been proven that it’s very important when you go to sleep, not just how much you sleep. The period from 12AM-2AM is very important for a healthy rest, so even if you lie down at 3AM and wake up at 12PM, you still won’t feel well rested. When going to sleep, keep electrical appliances at least 5 metres away or on flight mode. This is very important for your brain cells and their development, which is disturbed by the radio waves your phone and devices as such give off.

Experts say that when you wake up, the first thing to do is drink a glass of water (filling one up before going to bed makes it easier to remember). This gets your system going and ready to start the day. Checking your phone in the morning is a bad idea. It distracts you and isn’t particularly good for your eyes and brain. 

Next comes getting out of bed, a challenging part of every morning. Stepping out of your warm and cozy bed isn’t always easy, but having something to motivate you like an event, people or even food always helps. 

Step three is going to the bathroom and washing your face or taking a shower. Showering in the morning rather than the evening is actually better; it freshens you up for the day and has been shown to reduce acne. After your shower, it’s time to change into fresh and clean clothes and do your hair. 

The next step is breakfast. Food, finally! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you don’t rush it and eat enough. For some people, this would be the end of their morning. Take your bags and off you go to school or work. Others still need to put on makeup. It can get ruined while eating, so always leave a little time after breakfast. 

Unfortunately, due to the current epidemic, most of us have transitioned to online schooling. This majorly disrupts our morning routines. Many don’t even get out of bed to work, not to mention get dressed or put on makeup. Still, it’s important to get ready for the day, even when confined to your home, because it maintains the morning routine. Maybe makeup and jewelry aren’t that essential, but the rest is. 

Generally, we get to sleep longer, which means we can stay up longer, but many take it too far. They go to sleep at 3 or even 4 AM which is incredibly destructive to their physical and mental development. Another downside of homeschooling is that after waking up, we spend almost 8 hours every day looking at screens, which strains our eyes and stunts the development of our brain. 

We will survive this pandemic, somehow. Of course, it is hard, confusing and damaging to our growth, but nothing lasts forever. Please wear your mask, wash your hands and keep a distance – we all want this to end. 😊