The importance of water


Water is the one thing we all need. We can go about 3 weeks without food, but only 3-4 days without water. Water is the most important nutrient that humans need to survive. According to H.H. Mitchell, up to 60% of an adult body consists out of water. Our 2 most vital organs: the brain and the hearth, both consists 73% out of water. Additionally, our blood is 92% made out of water. 

How much water should I drink?

Our body is constantly losing water through sweat, urine and even when we breathe. To compensate the loss of water, the ‘European Food Safety Authority’ recommends women of 14 years and older to drink 2.0 L a day and males of 24 years and older to drink 2.5L of water a day.

What if you don’t consume an adequate water intake?

According to the ‘European Food Safety Authority’ does an inadequate water intake results in less physical performance, and you can experience fatigue or become less alert. Additionally, according to a study by ‘Natural Health News’ dehydrated participants had 14% less responsiveness than the well-hydrated participants.

The Importance of Hydration - Safecare Medical Center

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