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What is the problem with fishing?

The fishing situation does not get enough attention, fishing is bad for the environment, because fishing boats release a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) out in the atmosphere. The worst boats are trawlers, trawlers have big nets that churn up the seafloor and by doing so they release a gigaton of CO2 (1,000,000,000 tons) which is equal to the entire aviation industry’s annual emissions.

Many of the big organizations claim they help Ocean Wildlife, which could not care less; as they are the ones that help the fishing vessels. The only organizations that care about marine life are: Seasheperd and Greenpeace.

Seasheperd is an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) that tracks down illegal fishing vessels and that takes care of precious ocean unlike: Oceana, WWF, MSC, Sierra Club and others…


  • Why does everyone’s attention go to plastic straws when only 0.03% of The Great Garbage Patch has plastic straws? When on the other hand, 46% of it contains fishing nets but no one seems to know or cares, why!?
  • 93% of Earth’s CO2 is stored in our oceans.
  • If we continue fishing and eating fish, in 2048 there will not be any more fish in our waters.
  • The trawler’s nets can swallow whole cathedrals, 13 Jumbo Jets (Boeing 747 (76.3 m)) and more. This action is equal to bulldozing the amazon rainforest, and much worse.
  •  Researchers think that about 30% of our oceans are being protected. However, in reality, 5% of marine areas are protected. Even this is misleading because over 90% of those protected marine areas still allow fishing. So in conclusion, less than 1% of our Oceans are being regulated.
  • Fishers at sea have one of the most dangerous jobs on our planet. In context, over 4500 U.S. soldiers were killed in the Iraq war over the course of 15 years. During that same period  of time 360,000 fishing workers died doing their job, an estimated 24,000 workers die every year.

How can YOU help!?

You can help by:

  • Eating less seafood to even not eating any.
  • Donating money to Seasheperd and Greenpeace.
  • Making a fundraising page to start raising money for Seasheperd with: Seasheperd Conservation Society
  • Sharing this message with friends and family, social media etc…


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