Smoking and it’s effects

By Ayaan Mekrani S5ENA

When someone thinks that they are smoking a cigarette, they are wrong! The cigarette is actually smoking them!

Every time you light up a cigarette, you are saying that your life is not worth living

Many teenagers think that tobacco and nicotine can satisfy a lot of their needs for example depression and loneliness Consequently, these substances have caused millions of people to develop diseases some of which cause death. A cigarette, charges your money in exchange of a favor of damaging your body. Have you ever paid attention to the pack that you consume every day? It states that ‘Smoking is injurious to health’. The packaging is making it clear enough and warns people to stay away from it. A lot of young teenagers wish to age quicker and smoke a cigarette just once, however they end up creating an addiction. Another reason young adults start or even try a cigarette is simply to look ‘cool’, but the only thing that you damage is your well-being! One true reason adolescents smoke is just out of curiosity, which they think is a wonder in the world which has to be explored. Sometimes it is hard, especially when one of your family members or friends smoke. Additionally, note that if you used smoke around your family and want to prevent them from doing it, you are subconsciously making them passive smokers. This is a good chance to take initiative and make them quit. You are benefiting yourself, the former smoker, and the environment too!

They say that “a promise from a smoker is like a water bubble, it does not last for long”.

Smoking Cessation - UChicago Medicine

If you want to live over 80 years, then put that cigarette down! If you want to run fit for the rest of your life, then put it down! If you want to keep your friends’ names in your memory, then put it down! If you don’t want anything like tuberculosis, lung cancer, heart disease or strokes knocking on your body’s door, put it down! If you want your friends to see their beautiful faces in the reflection of your shiny teeth, put it down! If you want to have some nice and clean fingers to hold your kid’s hand in the future and walk them in the park, then put that cigarette down right now!

And I truly believe that “Only a fool would put his lips on the other side of a burning fire”, please allow me to correct myself, “an expensive burning fire”. Remember that “It is never too late to start again”.