A short article about why you should shut it from time to time while you’re in school.

Walking down the hallway with a classmate, sitting next to your best friend in class, or going to get food together with your “crew”, You talk, and that’s ok. We all do it. But there are times when you should shut up. These are the simple things to do, to avoid looking like a twat when you’re possibly blocking some ones way and ruining their day.

So put yourself in this situation. You’re in class, your teacher is telling you about what you’ll need to study for your upcoming test, you need to listen and write this down, but you’re currently occupied with talking to your friend. Do you:
A= Keep talking
B= Be quiet and listen till your teacher finishes.
The answer is quite obvious. If you got this wrong, this article will be helpful to you.

So now let me explain why talking over a teacher, or being distracted while talking, is bad.
For one, you do not notice how much of a barrier you could be to others. Either you are physically standing in the way for someone, thus possibly making it impossible for them to pass you, or your talking is creating a sound barrier, which completely blocks out all noises that your teacher is currently producing.

Another thing is that if you talk, which in itself is ok, and doing it in class can have it reasons,
you should still be aware of how loud you talk. Some whispering every now and then, sneaking a few words into the pauses your teacher takes, kind of like when you want to tell your parents something while they’re watching a movie or reading a book, and every time the movie has a few quiet seconds or they turn the page, you quickly sneak that amazing thing you’ve experienced at school today. Kind of like that. But when you talk so loudly, not caring if your teacher is currently speaking, being heard by everybody in the class, you probably want to tone it down just a bit. Or simply completely shut it.

But if you’re now saying: “I am a noble and faithful student, and I never interrupt my teachers, as I never speak in class”, we all know that you’re probably lying. I mean, we’ve all done it, and all had our reasons, which is, once again: Fine. But please, if you’re that type of person I’ve mentioned, learn to control your tongue.

In a way this could be seen as a letter from a student speaking up for the teachers, who might continuously tell you to leave the class and go to the cafeteria if you’d like to sip a cup of coffee while chatting. And of course you can call me out for this, but in truth nobody needs to hear the latest drama from your family, or how amazingly that hair dresser made your hair seem so voluminous. We don’t care, and this has nothing to do with the current lesson you’re in.

So thank you, if you’ve always done what I’ve referred to as ok, and screw you if you’ll continue with your awfully loud, annoying talking.


Erik Petrowski S6 De (EEB1)

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