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Shaders and Texture Packs for Minecraft

By Giacomo Vannini (BER S2E)

Hello everybody and welcome for some Minecraft recommendations. I’ll only put 4 recommendations: 2 Shaders and 2 Texture Packs. Now, before I continue, for those who have no clue what Shaders or Texture Packs or Mods etc. are, they are upgrades to your game. Hope you guys enjoy it!

My first review will be The Complementary Shaders. These are some absolutely fantastic shaders for they either light up every small detail, or your entire Minecraft world. These to me are a straight- up 10/10 for its performance.

Complementary Shaders & BSL Shaders

As you can see in the image above, there is another shader competing against our beloved Complementary Shader… THE BSL SHADERS! These shaders are well known by people who are into installing shaders with optifine (get optifine if you play java). They make everything a bit foggy and calm. They’re pretty simple but they can be nice if you’re the type of person who can get stressed from shaders who hit you in the face with a massive beam of sunlight coming from your computer. Just to mention but some shaders require a beefy computer so if you don’t have one…

Here we have the 2 texture packs I’ll be presenting to you today: Faithful & F8thful. I’ll start off by talking about “Faithful”. Faithful is a texture pack which turns all the textures of Minecraft into a sort of 32-bit game. I’ve played with this texture for a period of time and all I can remember is that I absolutely loved it. It got updated every time there was a new update in the game so that’s a plus.

minecraft [Wiki de sebsauvage.net]

Faithful Texture Pack

Now let’s talk about the other texture pack I’ll be presenting: F8thful. F8thful has a somewhat interesting texture for it makes everything look a little like 8-bit (mind you but 8-bit means the game only has 8 colours, it has nothing to do with graphics so really Minecraft remains a 16-bit game no matter what). With this texture, every mob (including creepers, zombies, etc.) becomes adorable in my opinion. The blocks become simpler and seem smaller so that’s a nice touch.


F8thful Texture Pack

Before I go, I just want to talk about two textures that my friend really wants me to put in or else he will continue keeping me hostage: Old Default & Blocks in Blocks. Old Default is a texture which goes by its name, it changes the texture of Minecraft to the old one so you can relive those good times when cobblestone looked so NICE. The next texture that my friend wants me to mention is the Blocks in Blocks which makes all the textures of blocks and mobs look as if they’re made from other blocks. Pretty cool right? Anyway, that’s all, bye! 🙂