Semi-Annual Report of the CdE to the Students 2018-2019

Dear Students,

The CdE has achieved a lot since our last report (October 2018), and still has a considerable amounts of projects to achieve.

In our last report, we mentioned that we are discussing giving students WiFi and SMS access. This was achieved, and after the Christmas break each student received his or her WiFi code, and each student Office365 account can be used to log in to SMS. The Office365 mobile applications were also unblocked on our school’s network.

We managed to re-launch the BISSC newspaper and we managed to make it the official website of the CdE. Furthermore, there is a webshop integrated into BISSC, so we will be able to sell the hoodies online (more fair system of distribution).

Our livestreaming at the Science Festival was a success and we reached and estimated 800 students with it.

We managed to launch our Advice Group for the defense of students’ rights.

We installed two request boxes, one in the S123 and the other in the S4567 Cafeteria for better communication between the students and the CdE.

We managed to move the badly-situated History2 exam to after the prebacs (with the help of the APEEE) by bringing it up at the School Advisory Council meeting on the 15th of January. We proposed a full-time psychologist at the Admin Board on the 30th of January, where it was supported by everyone, but rejected due to budgetary priorities despite our protests. We also managed to solve the B-test situation by bringing it up at the Conseil D’Education on the 4th of December, and by discussing with the B-tests coordinator – the solution that will be applied is that the B-tests for the S5 will be stretched out over 2 weeks with no classes.

For the full reports, all associated documents and documents produced after this report is published (e.g. approved minutes) you can consult our CdE Transparency Project. By bringing it up at a Direction meeting, we managed to get the administration to install new benches around the Da Vinci.

By bringing it up at the Canteen and Cafeteria Committee meeting on the 13th of February, we have managed to get new coffee, replace the plastic cups with biodegradable cups, and get a new vegetarian sandwich (the sandwhich is already in place – we are waiting for biodegradable cups and for the new coffee). They inform us that chip-based payments will be coming over the Summer. New tables have arrived in the S123 Cafeteria and new chairs will arrive to the S123 Cafeteria (as we are told by the administration) – we also have beanbags planned for the S123 Cafeteria.

The “Cool Sit On It” beanbags we have planned for the S123 Cafeteria.

Most importantly, we have approved and paid for a full remake of the S4567 Cafeteria with a mobile signal fixer, a billiard table, around ~30 new chairs, new board games (we have already installed the new board games into the S123, S4567 Cafeteria, and the Etude) and new artworks for the S123 Cafeteria. We also bought a new microwave for the S123 Cafeteria.

The new Samsung Microwave Oven for the S123 Cafeteria.
These games and more were installed in the S123 Cafeteria, the S4567 Cafeteria and the Etude.
The billiard is already paid for and will be installed on the 13th of March.

As you can see, this will also mean that 2 sofas will be moved to the S4567 Library and 4 sofas will be moved into the Etude. All this will be put into practice this week or next week, and all of this is approved. As a reminder, attached are our original plans for Community Building and Free Spaces.

The reform of the CdE has been started with 13 new reform documents on the way, one of them the new CdE statute (to give our organization integrity). These will be approved by the whole student constituency at an extraordinary CdE meeting.

While we did not make profit at the Valentine’s Day Sale, we can call it a success since the sale was loved by students.

We added a poster wall in the Platon to inform students about our work.

The hoodies logo was selected and we will begin the online sale in March (in a few different colors of course).

We are waiting for permission to produce the Science Festival DVDs, for the absences list on the displays from the administration, and for permission from the Belgian Regie Des Batiments for the Graffiti Wall. The football fields will be covered over the Summer with artificial grass by DomoSports, and this will be paid for by the administration, the APEEE and the CdE.

The type of DomoSports covering (there will also be a shockpad underneath) which allows for multi-sports and does not require special football shoes.
The spray cans for the Graffiti wall have arrived.
Our advert for the Graffiti wall.

As for financials, we have transferred our money to the APEEE (due to the school having new regulations which make it difficult for us to continue our operations). This is very good, because we will have more freedom, but a slight inconvinence is that we will have to pay the 21% tax (European Institutions do not have to pay taxes). This will also mean that the hoodies will be more expensive (around +5€).

We have spent 5150€ since last October (profits included) – at the beginning of the year, we had 20485.36€ worth of assets, and now we have 15335.36€ . Here is our suivi du compte (a unified accounting Excel file, also in our CdE Transparency Project) for a) our 407.12€ in cash, b) our 1020.06€ + 30€ in cash from the November 20th S123 Disco / Valentine’s Day sale and c) our bank account of 20485.35€ and d) any retroactively added accounts, namely 676.78€ worth of cash from the hoodies:

At the latest Conseil D’Education (21th of February), we proposed that a working group be set up for rewriting the drugs policy (attached are both the APEEE’s and the CdE’s issued opinions on the current drugs policy), and that one of the toilettes in the Aristotle be opened for students.

Again, for the full reports, all associated documents and documents produced after this report is published (e.g. approved minutes) you can consult our CdE Transparency Project. The minutes for the last two CoSup meetings can be found below (we discussed; prebacs, democracy in the European Schools, CoSup tax reform, election procedures for the CdEs):

Finally, this is the program that we are following and that we wish to achieve by the end of the year:

The MyEEB1 application complete, but we are waiting before releasing to cooperate with the administration to be able to integrate the absences list into it.

The CdE wishes to thank the students for their support and asks that they tell their friends to follow the CdE on Instagram to receive quick updates and to take part in democracy (through polls). Our primary method of communication is our Instagram account.

Looking forward to another successful half-year!

Best Regards,

The CdE

Signed: Laszlo Molnarfi and Bianca Cuevas

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