Report of the CdE to the Students October 2018-2019

The CdE is now formed. We accepted everyone (it is after all, the “student” council), and now we have over 70 members. Everyone is allowed to come to our meetings, as they are open. Details of meeting locations and times will be communicated should there be a meeting.

We possess 20485.36€ to accomplish our projects. We have started tracking our expenses. You can find this accounting document here under “CdE Reform” and “Finance”. This is the link for our CdE Transparency Project. In addition, the accounting document for 2018-2019 has been retroactively attached to this post here:

We have initiated a few projects. “Initiated” means that we have made in any way, verbal or written (mostly written) a note of it, as a suggestion or official action. In no way does this imply that the administration has accepted these changes, but they seem open to these improvements as of now. These include:

a) We are installing a pool (also known as billiard) table in the S4567 Cafeteria to replace the old kicker table.
b) Fixing technical issues in the school. This includes the WiFi situation; we aim to make it easily accessible, and we aim to lift some limitations, particularly the one that blocks the Office365 applications on the WiFi. Other issues include Office365 passwords; many of us do not have our passwords and getting them is difficult because of the IT Coordinator’s busy schedule. We proposed to directly delegate the password management to the Educational Advisors. We also proposed to install a mobile signal booster in the S4567 Cafeteria (right now, there is no cellular reception there), which we will later discuss with the parents as well. There was also talk of access to the SMS system for students.
c) We wish for better use of the displays; we asked to put the absences list on them.
d) The Graffiti wall project is an art project, in which students could paint the wall where the afternoon buses park with permission from art teachers. We need permission from the Regie des Batiments to do that – it is up to the administration to get such a permission.
e) The football field covering project is greatly supported by the administration. We are yet to receive a reply from the firm we contacted to get a quote; this project will most likely stretch for two years.

In addition to this, we have many awareness campaigns coming, some of these will include publishing articles online. This includes a mental health campaign (campaign for full-time psychologist and reduced stigma of mental health), a Learning Gateway awareness, anti-bullying (stand up for yourself), science festival, proper drug use, BISSC newspaper, and the formation of the Advice/Legal Group (student’s rights). The full-day Science Festival project was rejected, but the administration will encourage all teachers to go to festival with their classes and other improvements will be allowed: including livestreaming the event to different classes, and producing DVDs for the participants. We also made a new poster for the Science Festival.

Finally, we had many meetings where lots of representation was done. Many topics, like the 5th Brussels school, transparency, new drug policy (lots of issues with that, we will inform your later), classes during B-tests (we are against it of course), etc were touched on. We are publishing our reports of the meetings and the documents we received at each. Be mindful that in each there are confidential parts which we unfortunately cannot share – maybe if one files a FOIA request he or she can get access to it.

The School Advisory Council on the 18th of September, the Admin Board 1st October, the Cosup meeting on the 6th of October and the Conseil D’Education meeting on the 15th of October and can all be found at this link under “Meeting Reports”.

The most important points at the CoSup meeting include the discussion about democracy in the European Schools, and the discussions about the language policy, higher-level issues like ICT BAC or ICT4.

As far as school events go, all trip information is available as well under the same link in the folder “Projects” and then “School Trips”.

Don’t forget the upcoming S123 disco, with Deliciosos Chicken and Yung Pelvin! Which reminds me, our next project proposal is the installation of couches in the S4567 library, and the same in the S123 Cafeteria. We will also have the Humanities Festival, Inter-school sports tournament, and the EEB1 application coming later.

For polls that were conducted, and all of our public files as part of our CdE Transparency Project, please see again the link. This link is also on this website under “CdE About”.

If you have anything to say, to ask us to ask the administration, ideas for projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
the CdE

Signed: Laszlo Molnarfi and Bianca Cuevas

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