Politeness in the canteen

Right, so today I would like to share with you how I almost got myself two detentions for refusing to remove a baseball cap during my lunch break.
Thankfully the conseiller came to his senses and gave me back my agenda as we were halfway to Mr.louarns office and I’m grateful for that. However I must maintain that at no point was the teacher capable of showing me anything to prove that wearing hats in the canteen was actually forbidden by the school rules. Worse still it was quite clear that despite me having removed my hat there were about twenty other kids that he hadn’t reprimanded and I felt quite persecuted. In retaliation I put my cap back on and when this was noted the conseiller came over and began arguing with me and asking for my card and agenda the latter of which I eventually conceded. In order for them to go off to the principal and get me two detentions for being “disrespectful” wearing a f***ing hat in the canteen which is about as glamourous as a somalian prison I might add. I am sorry but what the hell has me wearing a hat got to do with respecting or disrespecting the canteen ? I mean damn it’s not exactly five star! …I really don’t get it.
Okay and for arguments sake lets say me wearing my hat bothered them, it’s fair to say that having some random geezer saunter up to you and command you to take off bits of your dress is pretty damn irritating, the hat I wear represents me and if I’m forced to remove it I feel like my freedom of identity is being infringed upon. I’m sorry a baseball cap in a canteen was so offensive to you but forcing me to remove it was just as bad from my point of view. I’d rather be left in peace next time thank you very much.
In conclusion; no one gives 2 f***s about what they wear or don’t wear while eating at the canteen, it’s a f***ing canteen and people shouldn’t be harassed for sporting headgear while eating their lunch. Although I am glad to not have gotten a detention I’m quite sure we can all agree that this whole thing is complete bull, yet another example of extremely effective European school policy, it reminds me of the time another teacher told me to “never come back again” to the canteen for wearing ripped jeans. 

-Sebastian Vasallo, S7 (EEB1) 6.12.2016      

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