Operation Shoe-Box


As in previous years, our pupils are invited to participate in the “Operation Shoe-Box”; this is a charity project which provides boxes of supplies such as food and drink for homeless and deprived people in Brussels.

Pupils/Families wishing to participate may fill an empty shoebox with 7 or 8 items of food and drink (non-perishable, non-alcoholic, easy to open and ready to eat) and a small greeting card. Please note that no fresh food should be put in the box.

Detailed information on how to fill a box can be found on the website www.shoe-box.be.

The box should be gift-wrapped like a Christmas present and given to the class teacher (for nursery and primary pupils) or brought by the secondary pupils directly to Ms Mutes’office (A building – room 006), by Friday 13 December 2019.

Volunteers will come to school to collect the boxes. They will then be given out to the homeless and deprived families for Christmas.

This a great opportunity for our pupils to support and participate in this voluntary project. Thank you for your collaboration and support.

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