Launching a New Satirical Series: Laschet crashed…

At 13 Stars we’re launching a satirical series, where students can comment ironically on the current political and social situation. We’re looking for more contributions, so if interested send us your ideas over email ([email protected]) or instagram (13stars_newspaper)!

This is strictly an OPINION PIECE.

Laschet crashed…

“Just because today is one of those days, doesn’t mean we should change all politics.” Said Armin Laschet, in wake of the worst floods Germany has seen in decades.

Oh, what it must be like to promise carbon neutrality by 2045 yet still support the destruction of the Hambacher forest and the opening of mines!

And what it must be like, to laugh at the scene of a tragedy and leave your federal state during a national disaster…to go on holiday.

Now’s the time to fight against climate change. Let’s raise our voices for Rosa*, or we’ll die next.

By Sur(e)ly Silent

*Rosa was a student who attended one of the Brussels schools and died during the floods. EEB students protested in her memory.

Illustration by Andrea O.

Comment by Sur(e)ly Silent