Functions of the EU – Intoduction

The European Union plays a big role in our daily lives. We go to European Schools, we speak European languages. Have you ever wondered how the European Union works? What part do we the citizens play in important decision making within the EU? Do you want to know more about the European parliament, commission, council and their institutions?

The students of the European school of Mol have been asking themselves these same questions. In this 7-part mini series they will explore how the EU works and its different institutions.

Written by:

  • Introduction – Hristina STRUMELIEVA S5ENA
  • European parliament – Noa LATOUR S5FRA
  • European commission – Ayaan MEKRANI S5ENA
  • European council – Kiara HOLMSTRÖM S4ENA
  • How the European parliament, commission and council function together – Laura MALERBA S6ENA
  • Judicial institutions (e.g. – courts) – Emilie GERTSEN S6ENA
  • Regulatory institutions (e.g. – environmental and medical) – Malak DISSI S4ENA
  • Joint research and science groups (e.g. space, science, etc.) – Soleine SCHILTE S5ENA


  • Malak DISSI S4ENA

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