Functions of the EU – European commission


What does it mean to be European?? In technical words: a European can be defined as someone who is a  citizen of a European country. In my words, I would say a person who to the best of his or her belief wants in every way the good for his/her nation and is ready to go beyond any line for it.

What actually is the European Commission? The European Commission is a group of politicians (men and women) who meet every Wednesday in Brussels, Belgium. We call them the commissioners. Together, they form the government of Europe, so to speak. They all have their different fields of responsibilities and come from different countries. It is their role to defend the general interest of the European Union. When they take their oaths, they swear not to accept instructions from their own government. Each commissioner has the right to express their opinion on all subjects and can contribute to all decisions (kind of like the Pupils’ Committee). They are also known as the driving force of the EU. Their main role it to take initiative. These initiatives will eventually benefit you after the execution of these changes. Imagine, you are at the beach standing at the shore while the water laps your feet. Now, the European Commission makes sure the water that laps your feet is not polluted. Another important role of the commission to be a guardian of the treaties. The last role that we will be discussing is the financial aspect. The Commission is responsible for organizing the European Financial support granted (e.g. motorway and runway projects in Europe). This includes the negotiation of commercial goods and treaties with foreign countries.

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