Discover Alumni Europae, the network of former students of the European Schools, your network!

Each year, several pupils graduate from the European schools. 

All these graduates spread around the world sometimes forget that time passes but friendships remain. That’s where Alumni comes in!  

Alumni Europae ASBL is the association for former students of the European Schools. 

The association was launched at the end of 2011 and has shown great signs of success over these few years of existence.  

“We believe there is a unique and invaluable connection amongst us that crosses all kinds of social, linguistic, and national boundaries.” 

AE provide an opportunity to preserve existing friendships and make new ones, from other European schools, from other countries.  

The association also offers the unique advantage of developing a social and professional network through regular events. 

Beyond that, thanks to an impressive range of experience and skills, network members help students with career guidance and more.   

The network currently has over 5000 members from all over the world. 

Join us now with your personal email address and enjoy the whole AE experience!