Creative writing piece: Iphigenia

Creative writing piece inspired by Iphigenia’s myth

By Mara Palaghiciuc, EEB4, S6FRA

An empowering sense of duty 
Springing from the uneven clutch 
Of the man standing right beyond my touch;
For the scenery is so morbid,
Even the heavens are struggling 
To keep an open eye, 
To the injustice hereby

Young Iphigenia,
In a harbour, at Aulis 
Was sacrificed, to appease
My, of course the gods!

As she stood in disbelief 
A man tethered her lovely limbs

“Sweat and tears adorn this land
Waves of misery wash the ground
For hope has been erased
Even from the most convinced gaze

Wind is blowing in my hair
Has the wrath been cleared away?

Oh! death encircled me in my youth
Trapped in silk, couldn’t move 
Alas! This journey is coming to an end…

If only…
If only…
If only I had the time…
To bid farewell to my hopes and dreams-
Goodbye, drowning future
Goodbye hurtful success;
I shall not have the luck
To adore you, to my distress
Goodbye! to everything I could have done…”

The cries of the desperate and slain ideals
Shatter like glass, on the cutting cliff…
All living creatures mourn the loss,
Of the one who loved them most

The Sun does not shine as bright
Being clouded by profound blight;
The weeps of every rock, 
and every plant,
flooded the entire mainland

A lonely volcano burst into tears 
And covered the earth with a fierce
-stretch of magma…

Should beauty reveal after injustice?
Does it have the right to outshine sadness?

Le sacrifice d’Iphigénie, par François Le Moyne, Musée du Louvre Source:
~Cooling off, after years
A part of the lonesome magma,
-which covered the spot of Iphigenia’s demise-
 turned into gems,
that were scattered by the sea, 
upon any available shore

One day, while the sun rose beyond the horizon
And the warmth embraced the longing shade,
A girl named Thalia wandered along a trodden path
which took her to a godforsaken land

There, on the beach,
She found a most lovely gemstone, and
Dazzled by its beauty, 
Hypnotized by its gleam,
-which foretold a bright future, and weaved a tragic past-
She clung onto it, 
Feeling as if, through a dream, 
the bewitching gem could speak;
A whirl of thoughts and feelings
Reflected on its rough skin

More than a thousand words of pain
And a thousand more of hope
Desired to live on,
In the heart of this girl

Once she came back home, 
Thalia’s father discovered the precious stone;
And to her surprise, 
He wished to make it a ring for his dearest child

Blending gold with lively colours,
Encompassing the delicate young finger
The ring sat on the throne
And ruled the kingdom of bloom

Rising higher through the years,
Thalia wished to sail the seas;
Her beautiful hands, adorned by the ring,
wanted to put down the intricacies of history

Waves breaking on the ships
Which took her from island to island
Land to land
Where she described everything, she’d seen or heard; 

And, wherever she went
She wouldn’t forget
That one object;

The small ring, which carried Iphigenia’s oblation,
Lived on, through its master
Thus, knowledge and culture were breathed
Into an apparently meaningless item

Should beauty reveal after injustice?
Does it have the right to outshine sadness?

Let’s not forget that life does not understand unfairness
Because every personal injustice is slowly forgotten and drowned
Into the immeasurable sea of existence

Another injustice among endless others
Yet, beauty and purity spring from imbalance 
And create the stability that starts everything anew;
Once a drop in the ocean of torments
Comes back as a flooding bliss, onto the newly sown land of dreams

This is the story of a cursed ring
That could not forget its origin
Fallen hope, now renewed into a new form of life
Goodbye misery; youth, welcome back!

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