CoSup Gaming Tournament

The CoSup gaming tournament is an E-Sports tournament organised by the Conseil Supérieur des Elèves and aims to unify the European Schools under the pretence of friendly competition.

We aim to foster a European spirit and it has come apparent that the gaming community is an integral part of our school community. We wish to be inclusive and thus have decided that these times are ideal to host such an event and get everyone’s spirits up.

The different teams playing either Counter Strike Global Offensive or Rocket League will compete against each other first in their schools respectively and the winner shall then represent their school at the cross-campus tournament.

To let all students, take part in this competition we have decided to stream the cross campus tournaments in their entirety and provide entertainment in form of commentators, who will comment on the live feed of the matches in English.

The winner of this competition will mark his school as the best school in their game respectively, for this scholastic cycle.

We also encourage you to join the European Schools Discord, where you will be able to debate and have fun with students from your school and others, discussing the games or anything else. Connect with other students and contribute your part to our unified European Spirit by joining here.

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Will be used for all communication during the tournament.

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If you wish to contact the organisers or make an appeal, you can contact them with the link provided in the Tournament Framework.