CoSup About

CoSup stands for Conseil Supérieur des Elèves and represents all the Pupils’ Committees (PCs) of the European Schools. Each Pupils Committee must have two members representing its ideas and positions at the CoSup meetings. CoSup is the sole representative body of the pupils in all global committees of the European School system. 

CoSup represents the common aims, policies, and visions of the pupils. These common interests are mainly concerned with the decisions taken by the Board of Governors and Joint Teaching Committee which influence the school life. 

The CoSup supports and co-ordinates the PCs with their work in every possible way, including co-operation and integration between the various Pupils Committees and acts as a link with the upper instances of the European Schools, where it can voice the opinions and ideas on behalf of all PCs. The CoSup also aims to unify the European Schools by creating activities for all schools. CoSup can furthermore aid the PCs financially if such a need is required. 

Statute of the Conseil Supérieur des Elèves

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