Lexicology and other clever words for you to use 

The world of words, their meaning, structure, history, and usage.

Words: fascinating when coming from a friend, boring when being used by a teacher. We all have our own vocabulary, and our own idiosyncrasies when using words, be it using a word too often or mispronouncing the number ‘three’. Whilst most people will never scratch the surface of all the fantabulous and silly words we call ‘advanced’, through this article you will!

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Nuclear Energy is the Future

In this article by Margarida Veríssimo, nuclear energy is discussed as a viable and clean energy solution, despite its negative public image. Veríssimo criticizes other renewable energy sources like solar and wind for their limitations and negative environmental impacts. She addresses concerns about nuclear disasters and waste, emphasizing their rarity and safety measures. Veríssimo attributes the negative perception of nuclear energy to marketing and misinformation from fossil fuel companies. The article concludes by encouraging readers to educate themselves about nuclear energy and provides resources for further exploration.

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