My perspective on how being in a European School affects us and our place in society 

By Lily Collin We are all people with different origins, born in different places, raised in different environments, with different cultures and languages. How does being in a European School … Read More

The Future of Technology: Don’t be afraid

This article, by Beatrise Prince, is a thought-provoking article that explores the potential of technology and its possible implications on humanity. The author discusses both the bright and dark sides of technological advancements, highlighting the benefits of innovation, such as energy-storing bricks and virtual realities, as well as the risks, including the possibility of trapping consciousness in computers and the vulnerability of our personal data. Despite these concerns, the author ultimately encourages readers not to be afraid of technology but to embrace it, acknowledging that innovation is inevitable and that it is up to us to use technology for the greater good.

MEC 2023

The article describes the success of the Model European Council (MEC), an event that brings together students from different European Schools to simulate the proceedings of the European Council. This year, about 250 pupils participated in the event, hosted by EEB2 at Eurocontrol. The student organizers did an excellent job of ensuring that the event ran smoothly, and the students showed a remarkable level of engagement and knowledge.

Origin of the Yakuza

For centuries, the yakuza have lurked in the shadows of Japan, their origins shrouded in legend and myth. Some say they started as a band of gamblers who banded together for protection, while others claim they were born from the samurai tradition, rising to prominence in the Edo period. Still prominent in today’s Japan, and idolized internationally for their brutal initiation rituals, strict codes of honor, their beautiful inkwork, the yakuza have a cultural significance that cannot be ignored. To peer deeper, past this superficial enshrouding of their true characters, to really understand them, we must start at the beginning and ask ourselves: where did they come from?