Book Recommendations

Just a quick message: Most of these are for younger audiences and are probably not very entertaining for S4 or higher. It all depends on your taste in books. Have fun! 

  1. Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard

This world is divided by the colour of blood. The silver blooded people have been in control for too long, the reds must rebel! Fight for their kids, and for the futures they so desperately want to have. Join a young woman named Mare as she is kept a secret in plain view! In a palace in fact. (Age recommended: 11-15) 

Though some Series may have slow timelines, this book is in a constant hurry, a thrilling hurry. The characters are expressed well enough for you to know what they want, and what motivates them. A brilliant four-book series! 

  1. Clover Moon by Jaqueline Wilson

Clover leads a hard life in London, England. Her only escape is her imagination, which she has plenty of. When a tragic incident occurs in Clover’s life, she doesn’t feel at home in her own home anymore. Clover finds out about a safe place she could run away to. But does she have the bravery to get there? Only time will tell. (Age recommended: 10-13) 

  1. The Land of Stories Series by Chris Colfer 

Alex and Bailey, the twins, are flung into a world of surprises. Their lives are changed forever by a book. When it starts to glow, they are transported into a different world. A different time. Will they ever find their way back home, and how did they get in? Join them as they find out secrets, they never knew were kept from them. Journeying to places they have only ever dreamt of. (Age recommended: 10-13) 

“Charming and highly entertaining! Witty and fun, with a dash of danger this book comes!” – Li’l Owl, a review. 

By Cailin Reiff