Back to the Future, back to 1958!

Back to the Future, back to 1958!

Welcome to the beginning of the world as we know it. As in the hit of the year, Domenico Modugno’s eternal Volare, since then we have “flown” to the future (our present time) with the strong belief that it will be a future of peace. That´s why we are all together from all over Europe celebrating the 60 th anniversary of the EEB1 Uccle. The end of the fifties was the time of Rock´n´Roll and Sci-Fi movies, the Cold War and economic miracles, NASA and the Soviet space programme, important technological advances like the microchip, the modem and remote control, milkbars and mass gymnastics, the golden age of European bande dessinée and advertising, the first World Cup won by Pelé in Sweden and the first Football and Basketball European Champions competitions… But it was also the beginning of the European Union and the European School, an event that is worth celebrating every year, a dream come true by and for all of us.

Join us for this great nostalgic vision of our common future! EEB1 students past and present, and their families, will be gathering on our campus from 10 to 18h on Saturday, 26 May to commemorate the 60 year anniversary of the first European School in Brussels. There will be food, drinks, performances and activities, each with an attempt to bring a touch of the 1950s back to 2018. Some visitors will identify best with thematic zones, like the Science Hub and the Solidarity Village, while upper-level students will no doubt enjoy the Fun Fair featuring bouncy castles exclusively for big kids, the mega screens with vintage video games, the secondary DJ, the football, basketball, volleyball, chess and foosball tournaments… And to make it all the more fun, come  in your best retro or futuristic costume! There will be prizes for the best Back to the Future look.







Some important details:

  • Tickets will be used instead of cash. Ticket sales at the fete or pre-sale online. 1 ticket=1€.
  • Gala performance on the mainstage from 11-12 o’clock
  • Registration by Eventbrite REQUIRED for every individual guest

See you there!

Writen by Samantha Chaitkin & Alejandro Martinez Turegano


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