[POSTPONED] ArtBeat 101

The Upcoming Art and Music Evening Event @ EEB4


IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 the event has been indefinitely postponed!!

While being in EEB4, I have no doubt that, like myself, many of my fellow students have noticed and met the talented people who walk our halls every day. From those who express themselves through drawing and painting, dancing and singing, to the ones who’ve found their talent in the sciences and solving mathematical equations, our school has been continuing to organize events, competitions and Olympiads in order to support its gifted students.

And so, this April, the Art Committee has decided to bring you the very first edition of ‘ArtBeat 101’.

What is ArtBeat 101?

The main idea of the event is to bring students together and give them an opportunity to share their artistic talent by showcasing their artwork or musical performance. Every participating artist will have the opportunity to auction their art, ergo getting a glimpse of what focusing in this profession might later in life be like. The owners of the respective artworks will win 90% of the final price, while the remaining 10% will help finance the Baccalaureate Activities.

‘ArtBeat 101’ aims at laying the foundations of a new tradition at our school, reflect the progress of students over the years and provide a memorable experience for everybody, participating in the formation and execution of the event. It will demonstrate the diligence and creativity of  students, as well as their commitment to the artistic branche.

When and where?

This event will take place in the Salle Polyvalente, here at EEB4, on the 2nd of April 2020. The official auction will commence at 5:30 pm.


For any additional information, including on how to submit their artwork, students may contact Mrs. Hoban ([email protected]), one of the main art teachers working on bringing this event to life, or check out the following survey. As for any musical performance, our school’s music teachers are ready to register any willing participants.

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