Art Piece

She was an art piece.


Not one that people thought looked nice,

Not one people liked;

She was a misunderstood art piece.

Or was she an art piece people didn’t want to understand?


An art piece with the ugly truth written all over it…


People like what is simple,

People enjoy what is nice,

People welcome what is easy,

People want what is pretty.


But people need art.

People need to feel understood and misunderstood,

People need to see their own failure in somebody elses’ work,

People need to feel.


That’s why nobody liked her.


But the world needed her nevertheless.

The world needed her for who she was;

She might not have been pretty,

But she was beautiful.

And one day the world would acknowledge that too,

But that day wasn’t today.


She remained an unwanted art piece.

  • Lily Collin