4 reasons to read more classics

By: Hanna Petocz S5NLA at EEB2

Books are everywhere. They have been and will be for a long time. There are many kinds of books, so many that it is almost impossible to choose the next one to read. So, we follow trends or ask our friends for recommendations.  

But what about classics? Classics are often perceived as the boring, complicated books teachers force us to read, but classics are so much more than that. Let me tell you why you should read more classics. 

Firstly, classics greatly improve your vocabulary. They enable you to perceive deeper aspects of reality, instead of only scratching the surface. Language is very important, and the better you know one, the better you will be able to experience things, by knowing how to express your experiences with words. 

Secondly, you can be sure to read the best books in history. There is a reason all those books became classics. Some speak about unspoken situations, some have the prettiest prose you will ever read, some have extraordinary world building, some have all of the above. They have been chosen by society as the books that ought to be remembered. Today, there is such a big variety of books available, which makes it impossible to choose, and the chance that you will waste your time on something that is not worth it keeps growing, so why not listen to the pre-selection kindly made for you? 

Thirdly, classics help you join in on many conversations, and always have something interesting to say. You can relate to things said and become well-read and educated. Classics can unite you with those who surround you (although that only works if those around you also read classics).  

The fourth and last reason joins in a bit on the third. Having read a lot of classics makes you seem smart. People will admire you if they know that you read classics, and even more if you talk about them and refer to them in discussions. 

Conclusion: read classics, people!