Nuclear Energy is the Future

In this article by Margarida Veríssimo, nuclear energy is discussed as a viable and clean energy solution, despite its negative public image. Veríssimo criticizes other renewable energy sources like solar and wind for their limitations and negative environmental impacts. She addresses concerns about nuclear disasters and waste, emphasizing their rarity and safety measures. Veríssimo attributes the negative perception of nuclear energy to marketing and misinformation from fossil fuel companies. The article concludes by encouraging readers to educate themselves about nuclear energy and provides resources for further exploration.

Le rêve aussi a son histoire

Le rêve, facette extraordinaire et majeure de l’existence humaine. En moyenne, nous rêvons une centaine de minutes par nuit, c’est-à-dire approximativement 2, 912, 000 minutes dans une vie. Un véritable pilier donc pour le développement de l’homme, qui y trouve une fascination continuelle.

Surrealism: a revolution against the ordinary

I think we all know the famous painting that reads “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” by Magritte, but do you know what art movement it belongs to? Surrealism, built to help people cope with the horrifying reality of their daily lives, joined together the real world, and the obscure world of dreams. Let’s dive into the history of this artistic revolution, that literally reached beyond reality

L’apprentissage d’une langue : outil d’inclusion sociale ou symbole de résignation

L’acquisition de compétences linguistiques est bénéfique pour l’amélioration de nos capacités cognitives, notre compréhension du monde et reflèterait même l’adaptation de notre cerveau à notre environnement. Mais lorsque l’apprentissage est imposé par des circonstances au lieu d’être voulu, rendu presque obligatoire à cause d’une migration forcée, les efforts à fournir pour assimiler ces compétences paraissent surréalistes pour ceux qui doivent les acquérir. 

Lazy? Or Just Really Good at Procrastinating?

We’ve all been there before. That time when you were given an important assignment with a deadline in a few weeks. At first, the deadline seems so far out of reach that you decide to postpone the work for a few days and busy yourself with other tasks. Soon those days turn into a week and you realise you have no more time left for your project. So, you open another can of coke and finally start that task, trying not to feel guilty about how much you have postponed it, while racing against the clock to get it done.